So I am busy reading through the game rules in anticipation of the Vegas Nights fun gaming event I am going to. Yes, I know that it’s not necessary, as Vegas Nights teach you as you go along, but I just thought I would have a little look see anyway, you know, get the lay of the land, feel just a little clever on the night by knowing something, anything!

I feel it is necessary to admit that this was possibly a very bad idea. After reading the game rules I am more confused now than ever! Poker I sort of get, it’s a little like grown up rummy really, matching cards, arranging pairs, getting suits to line up and hopefully, provided that all goes your way, and in the event that you are actually at a Vegas Night Fun Gaming event , raking in the funny money! Yeah Baby! Blackjack however is a completely new animal for me! And reading the rules for Blackjack I am now completely bewildered!

Ok, so I get that at this fun gaming event, Vegas Nights is going to use 5 decks of cards in their Blackjack game and this is called a shoe. Right all good so far, I can relate to shoes, I wear a size 5, this I can remember!

This, however, is where my understanding of game rules ended. A further sentence in and my world of Blackjack comprehension went pear-shaped. Amid terms like “semi-wild aces” and “bets being a push” my head started to spin and my eyes started to water. How can an ace be semi-wild? How can anything be semi-wild? And what on earth do they mean by a bet being a push? surely you push a bet, or a business, or a baby? Not bet a push? But when I got to the place where they started talking about face values and face cards and card values and valuable faces, that was the point at which I decided to walk away.

It’s fine, at least I know on the night at Vegas Nights’ fun gaming event there will be a nice collection of croupiers to guide me through the treacherous mine field that is game rules and terminology!