When it comes to charity events, organisers are always looking new ways to make the act of giving a more interactive and entertaining experience. While the simple act of giving is certainly enough on it’s own, it’s also great fun when organisers dress it up and make donating more fun. I’m talking about things like fun charity auctions, gala dinners etc… you know you are giving to a good cause, but you get to have a good time doing it too and there’s nothing wrong with a little reciprocity!vegas-nights-charity-events-roulette

Another fantastic charity event entertainment idea is hosting a fun gaming event! And this is something that Vegas Nights does really well! Imagine hosting a charity event in which your guests donate with bets and funny money purchases. They get to play poker and blackjack, craps and roulette to their hearts content, safe in the knowledge that every cent spent in the purchase of funny money is going to their choice of worthy cause.vegas-nights-charity-events-craps

Vegas Nights will come into your event venue and set up their professional full sized tables, man each of their games with fully trained, exceptionally skilled dealers and croupiers, and provide you with personalised funny money vouchers for each of your guests to cash for chips. Your guest will have an absolute blast the whole evening playing their games of choice, but still fully in control of the amount they donate through the purchase of extra funny money. It’s so Simple, and yet so effective.vegas-nights-charity-events-blackjack

And you can really dress it up or down! Vegas nights can provide the entertainment for a super smart and sophisticated black tie charity event, or a playful themed fundraiser. The choice is yours, Vegas nights is fully equipped to cater to your vision. So if you are thinking about hosting a charity event any time soon, you should definitely consider a Vegas Night fun gaming event as entertainment. You won’t regret it!