Right so I am still determined to brush up a little on these game rules before I actually attend my first Vegas Nights fun gaming event. Yes, I know the last attempt, looking at Blackjack game rules, was a small disaster, except for the size 5 shoe concept, which I think I got? But I figured, having played rummy all my life, that in perhaps tackling the Texas Hold ‘em Poker game rules I might have a tiny bit more success?

Wrong again dearie! Rummy and poker are the same insofar as you have to collect groups of cards that match, or run in numbers right? Right, got that. But that’s about where the resemblance ends as far as I can tell!

I was saved a little by the Vegas Nights Texas Hold ‘em game rules guidelines on poker speak, without which the concept of a hand referring to two different things in the game would have been completely lost to me, and I understand the concept of a bet, theoretically. I even finally got the whole, “calling a bet” means matching the amount, “raising” means, well obviously, raising the amount of the bet and “folding” is code for “my hand is useless, I give up”. I’m not that dense.

But where I began to lose sight of the Texas Hold ‘em game rules path, in the dwindling light of my comprehension, was when we got to terms like “mucking”, “rivers” and “showdowns”. A whole number of wild west, stirrup wearing, horse riding, gun wielding, saloon card game visuals came to mind as I tried to navigate my way through these terms and locate them within a fun gaming event framework. Unsuccessfully I might add. Again!

In the end though, I think I have much firmer grasp of the whole poker thing after reading the Vegas Nights Texas Hold’em game rules than I did after scrolling through the Blackjack notes! And I keep reminding myself that the lovely Vegas Nights staff members on the night that I attend this fun gaming event will be able to teach me. I hope they come equipped with their patience! But I’m assured they are well schooled in lessons of tolerance for beginners like me!