Texas Hold’em Poker

How many players are required to play Vegas Nights Texas Hold’em Poker?

Ideally there is a minimum of nine players required, ten at the most for a Vegas Nights Texas Hold’em Poker game. Any less constitutes a “short-handed” game.

How is the first dealer decided?

The game starts with each player being dealt a single card; the player who is dealt the highest card is the first dealer. The dealer position is indicated by a white plastic chip, also called the “button”.

What direction does the dealer button rotate so all the players get a turn?

The dealer button rotates to the left.

What is a bet?

When money is put into the pot for the first time in a round it is called a bet. Bets are predetermined.

“Poker speak”

  • The dealer position is also referred to as “the button”; also referred to as “being on the button”
  • A round of play is also called “a hand”
  • When you “call” the current bet, you match it
  • When you “raise” the current bet, you put more money in
  • When you decide not to bet, you “fold”
  • “Mucking” can be thought of as folding; when you are allowed to toss your cards without showing the other players what they are
  • The “River” is the fifth community card, turned over after the final burn card
  • When a player is “called” after the “River” it is referred to as a “Showdown”

Let the game begin!


Forced bets must be paid before the cards are dealt; these are also referred to as the big blind and the little or small blind. The little or small blind is always half the big blind. The big blind seat is to the left of the little blind seat which is to the left of the dealer.

The dealer starts dealing with the player on his left; he deals two cards (pocket cards or hole cards) face down to each player.

Starting with the player to the left of the big blind, the players examine their two cards and decide to “call” the current bet (the big blind, which is the highest amount bet at this point) or, if their cards are weak, to “fold” or if their cards are good, to “raise” the bet.

When a player raises the bet, each player must then call the new amount, even those who have already made their decision. Players may re-raise at any time, thereby exceeding the amount it was raised previously.

In the case of no player raising the big blind, then the player holding the position of big blind may “check”; this means that the big blind does not want to put more money in, or raise the bet. If a player raises he may only raise again if he has been re-raised, as opposed to called.

The round of betting stops when all players have either folded or called the last raise.


The dealer deals the first card to one side (i.e. burns a card); it is not used in play.

He then deals three cards face down; turns the three cards face up simultaneously; this is called the “Flop”. These three cards are the first of five “community cards” that all players can use, together with their pocket cards, to make their best poker hand.

Standard poker hand ranks are used. The player in the first seat to the left of the dealer (the little blind position) is now “Under The Gun” (UTG) i.e. the little blind is first to act now and on every subsequent round of betting.

Players now make a decision as they did in pre-flop play; the only change is that they can choose to “check” if they don’t want to bet or fold. Given that players would now have seen at least five of the seven cards they will use, experts advise that players stop here if their hand does not improve.

The round of betting stops when all players have either folded or called the last raise.


The fourth community card is called the “turn”. The dealer burns a card before dealing the Turn face up. Another round of betting commences the same as with the “Flop”; the little blind seat being “Under The Gun”.


The final round of betting commences. It is at this point or before that the last player who does not fold wins the pot. This player is allowed to “muck his hand”.


Depending on how many players still remaining at this point of the game, it involves everyone; starting with the last person to bet, the remaining players are required to show their cards. Once this player has shown his cards other players in the showdown may “muck their hand”, thereby conceding that they have been beaten.
The best five-card poker hand wins!

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