Frequently Asked Questions


How does the evening start?

Vegas Nights will setup a few hours prior to your gaming event. Croupiers/Dealers, dressed in authentic gaming attire, will be on hand 1 hour before the event begins. Our Vegas Nights fun money will then be handed out to all the guests. The gaming manager will introduce the evening to the guests and explain the rules.


How do I begin gaming?

Once the tables are open, guests may take their fun money to the tables, where it will then be exchanged for gaming chips. Our fun money can be branded for that personalised effect with the company logo or a picture of the host.


What if I don’t know how to play a specific game?

Vegas Nights staff are professionally trained with all the games offered. They are more than willing to teach the players the rules of the games, thereby encouraging all to participate regardless of their knowledge of the game.


What kind of venue will I require and how much space would I need ?

The most popular venues are generally hotel banqueting rooms, conference venues & country clubs.

The space you will need depends on how many guests you intend to invite. Even a company boardroom could be suitable.
Our staff can calculate exactly how much space you will need.
We are also happy to do site inspections and planning for each event.
If required, we can gladly recommend a venue for your group.


What happens at the end of the evening?

We usually recommend that the host arranges to have prizes awarded at the end of the evening. We run the prize giving from start to finish, making it very exciting down to the last spin with our Roulette Shootouts.

No prizes can be won by any guest as a direct result from any game played.This is due to restrictions imposed by the Gambling & Racing Board.

However prizes can be awarded for the following :-

* The player who takes the most chances
* The player who plays with the most flair
* The player who is first to lose all his fun money

Remember all the gaming is purely for fun and no real currency ever trades hands!


What games should I have, and how many?

This depends on a lot of factors. How many guests will be attending?…is the gaming the only form of entertainment?…is it a fundraiser or just entertainment?… Once again our staff are eager to advise on your requirements.

We tailor make every quote according to your specific function or event. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements so we can get the balance of tables correct.

Want to have a "Vegas-Style" event?

Get in touch to find out about our rates or to have a Vegas Nights consultant call you.

National Contacts

Saleem Cassim - JHB and Durban
082 921 9769

Verene Burger - Cape Town
083 299 3840