Coming up with and planning themed parties is always great fun! Themed party ideas are endless and there are just so many companies, shops, stores, caterers and decorators willing to come to the party, so to speak, and make dream themed party ideas happen for their clients.

Vegas Nights in one such company. With their wide range of different fun gaming tables and equipment they can provide fantastic themed entertainment at just about any event. With everything from Poker and Blackjack to Roulette and Craps, Vegas Nights pretty much guarantee that your guests will have a brilliant evening.

But what kind of themed parties you actually have with Vegas Nights? Don’t let your imagination be limited by the obvious!

While Las Vegas or Monte Carlo themed parties are the first things that spring to mind when you think about having poker or roulette tables at your party, there’s no need to stop there! There are a multitude of other types of themed party ideas in which fun gaming equipment can play a role or enhance a theme.

Consider a James Bond themed party, with women in spangly dresses, flowing martinis and suave tuxedoed men! You can park the fancy cars outside and even try to locate a few of the best gadgets that Q featured in some of the classic films. Honestly, how hard would it be to source a woman who would be prepared to paint herself gold for the evening?

If a Bond themed party ideas is still a little too close to straight up Vegas, then how about a Western themed party complete with wild west style saloon and poker tables! You can really pull out all the stops with cowboy outfits for the boys and bordello outfits for the women? Throw in a few red Indians some bad tequila and maybe some genuinely home made whiskey and you have yourself a seriously fun themed party that has nothing to do with Bond or Las Vegas.

In fact there are a number of themed party ideas in which Vegas Nights fun gaming events would fit right in, just call them and they can give you some great ideas!