We are a quarter way through the year already! Isn’t it incredible how fast this year is flying by. It feels like just weeks ago we at Vegas Nights were sitting around the table creating our 2015 year plan. Like most companies, we talk about it more than we actually plan it. We all agreed that what usually happens with companies we may have worked at before, the party starts off with an awkward at first dinner and then after a few drinks , people slowly start tapering off to end their night in a more comfortable environment with friends.


Vegas Nights can make your end of year office party an evening to never be forgotten. And for all the right reasons. We offer an amazing variety of only the most exciting and most loved games in Vegas. With only authentic, full-sized, custom-made gaming tables and equipment, we will keep your staff entertained and enjoying themselves for the entire evening. Our uniformed staff are highly trained and well experienced, providing professional but friendly service and are more than happy to assist those players who are less experienced and may need the rules explained and a bit of guidance at first.

Vegas Nights can provide “Fun Money” which can be used instead of actual currency so players can enjoy the thrills and spills of Vegas gaming without have to worry about loosing their hard earned cash.


Another great service we provide is assisting you with the planing of your end of year office party. We will give you suggestions and advice on how to make your party a success, no matter how big or small. We will also do a complete set up and breakdown of the equipment so you don’t have to worry about it.

Vegas Nights is offering your company one free table if you books and pay for your end of year office party before the end of August.

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