Nowadays, the bachelorette party is just as important as the bachelors. Gone are the days when men got to go out and have all the fun while ladies stayed sedately at home receiving home-made doilies from their grannies in anticipation of the day they got to decorate their home and domain. Well, not completely gone, Ladies still have Kitchen teas where they still get doilies from their grannies, but this is no longer the sum total of their pre-wedding party

No, the bachelorette party is quite a thing now. It often involves activities, themes, a great deal of sneaky planning on the part of the bridesmaids and general girly debauchery.

Of course if you are in the United States the be all and end all of Bachelorette Party destinations is Las Vegas (cue gaggles of squealing girls descending the airline stairs onto the Vegas tarmac carrying pink suitcases and wearing tiara followed by a video montage of famous Vegas Neon signs). If you live here in South Africa however, a Bachelorette party in Vegas is highly unlikely except for a very wealthy and privileged

But this does not mean to say that you can’t have your very own Vegas experience right here at home! If you or your bridesmaids are truly hell-bent on the whole Vegas themed bachelorette party, then Vegas Nights can definitely make it happen for you. Well, the gaming side of things anyway, the pole dancing and male strippers you may need to source

With poker and craps tables, roulette wheels, blackjack stations, and expertly trained and experienced staff, Vegas Nights can sweep in, setup, man and run a fun gaming event reminiscent of any Vegas hotspot, supplying your bachelorette party guests and of course you bachelorette with the Thrill of Vegas gaming, while never having to leave the comfort of home or venue. Whether big or small, Vegas nights can put on a Bachelorette Party your ladies will not forget in a hurry!

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