Bachelor Parties: man’s last bastion of freedom before succumbing to that thing called marriage. Or at least that’s what some people think. Whether it is or isn’t is a highly debated subject I’m sure, as is the topic of what to do at the Bachelors party.

Bachelors parties have traditionally consisted of two simple and steadfast forms of entertainment: alcohol and strippers.


image from – bachelor party ideas.


images from – Bachelor Party Ideas

Lately however, bachelors party entertainment options have become considerably more varied. Over and above, or even instead of, these faithful favorites, we now find that bachelors parties often involve watching sports events, going away on boys weekends of fishing or surfing or playing paintball, Golfing days etc…

One such novel idea for bachelors party entertainment is to host a private poker tournament. Picture being able to lounge around smoking cigars(if that’s your thing) and sipping whiskey while crushing your friends at poker! Naturally, there is the possibility, if you are not too skilled a poker player, that they might crush you instead. This need not be a concern however since you can easily have a Bachelors party poker tournament using only funny money! All the excitement, none of the financial implications of alcohol impaired judgement!

bachelors-party-poker tournament

image from – Bachelors Party Ideas

Vegas Nights can arrange for you to have your own private poker tournament at your bachelors party, complete with poker tables, croupiers, properly weighted chips and currency. And since that currency is made up of Vegas Nights funny money, you can even have it personalised to suit your bachelor!

Whether you make it the main event, the culmination of a long day’s worth of sporting with the boys or the pre-night out teaser, a poker tournament makes for fun, novel and highly entertaining bachelors party entertainment. All you have to do is give Vegas Nights a call and they will arrange it for you!